+Q Control

increase project revenue by delivering more energy

+Q Control enables wind & solar parks minimize line losses on the grid by providing real-time control of their reactive power (Q).

Less losses on the grid means more power delivered to market, which means increased revenue for your project.

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retrofit to existing assets

+Q Control works with all major OEMs using standardised signals.

Installation typically takes 4-6 hours in your project's substation

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fixed % revenue increase

+Q control improves your project's Line Loss Factor (LLF).

This provides a Network Operator defined fixed increase to your project's revenue.

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fully autonomous solution

+Q Control is powered by our patented GridViz platform, providing telemetry-free, grid visibility beyond your project's substation.

how +Q Control increases revenue

For UK embedded generators, +Q Control improves your project's Line Loss Factor (LLF).

retrofit to existing assets


quick installation

fully autonomous solution